Let Me First Say Welcome !

My name is Riley Weller, and I really enjoy building #GenuineRelationships.

In my beginnings of building WordPress blogs, I had no idea what I was doing.

But over my years of many mistakes, I’ve started to discover how to reach your audience and allow your blogs to work on auto-pilot.  That’s the amazing power of computers… you can use technology to work for you, which gives you more time to connect with your customers!

This website focuses on teaching building an online business with WordPress, WooCommerce, and various tools to create your digital products like Courses, eBooks (and Paperbacks), edit videos, manage a podcast, and build you brand.

Here’s how I use my WordPress Blogs:

  • Professional Music Producer ~  Beatmaking is my true passion.  I’m a beatmaking educator with many FL Studio Courses and Beatmaking Books!  I’ve even worked with a GRAMMY Nominated artist!  I also became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer!
  • Apprentice Electrician Website ~ I was an electrician for 10 years here in Canada before becoming fully certified on March, 2016!  I created a website for apprentice electricians to teach the many things I struggled with, and saw many apprentices struggle over and over again.. It’s been a fun blog to work with.
  • Blogger ~ Blogging is hard because it’s so easy to get discouraged. But as you continue, it gets easier and quite enjoyable!  It’s an amazing way to build relationships + passive income.  It’s all about being organized, selecting good tools, and keeping to yourself!

Music Producer + FL Studio Trainer..

GratuiTous - Recognized FL Studio Trainer (Beatmaking Education) - Logo

Over my years as a music producer, I’ve worked with a GRAMMY Nominated recording artist, and have released tons of albums and beat tapes myself!  (View GratuiTous’ Music Page). 

GratuiTous Albums and Beat Tape Cover Images (by Riley Weller)

My website https://itsGratuiTous.com is all about learning how to make beats with FL Studio.

FL Studio is one of the most popular DAWs in the industry (originally called Fruity Loops).  What’s so awesome is that they offer LIFETIME FREE UPDATES… (other DAWs charge an upgrade fee!)

One of the most important things I’ve learned about WordPress that’s very relatable to beatmaking is the use of plugins.. it’s so important to use WISE PLUGINS that you will use for the long-run.

It’s so easy to download all the “free plugins”, but only to realize they can just cause a big mess in your music projects and WordPress database if not selected wisely..

My first WordPress website was Beatstruggles.com for my FL Studio tutorials.. (I started around WordPress 3.2!)  I eventually merged Beatstruggles into itsGratuiTous.com to keep things easy, which is where I do all my beatmaking education:

I’ve worked so hard to teach the core fundamentals of beatmaking, and have even become a Recognized FL Studio Trainer!

FL Studio Recognized Trainer - Riley Weller (GratuiTous)

Journeyman Electrician..

Becoming-an-Electrician Logo (for Apprentice Electricians)

Growing up, I was never one who was into trades or cars. Sure, I could use a hammer and a drill if you gave one to me, but being so involved as a tradesman, it’s built me to have many more skills than just music and blogging.

Because of my eagerness for self-learning, I found there was a lot lacking in terms of the electrical apprenticeship process education system.. the problem with becoming an electrician is that the schooling is literally 100% theory, and no hands-on learning!

This is what you’re told when you go to school, “You should have learned that in the field”.

This is what you’re told when you come back from school, “You should have learned that at school”.

That’s why I’ve started up my apprentice electrician website (becoming-an-electrician.com).

My electrical blog is intended to give Canadian Apprentice Electricians a quick way to learn and build confidence.. I’m careful what I discuss because electrical code rules change so fast, it’s hard to keep up (here’s a code book’s thickness..)


Ready to Learn WordPress and Online Business From My Mistakes 🙂 ?

I try and keep this website all about creating high-quality education products for your own audience.

Whether that be how to record and edit videos, how to start a podcast, the best WordPress set-up that is seamless and affordable, and how to create amazingly high-quality education that your audience cannot get enough of!

This will include things like how to sell with WooCommerce, how to build an email list that is active, and the best page builders that give results in your eCommerce efforts!

Definitely check out my beatmaking courses website (based on FL Studio) as an example!