How to Write a Book for Amazon Kindle


How to Write an eBook and Paperback for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Course.

Writing your first book is a huge step.  But.. one that may lead to that passive income you’re looking for!

This course teaches you how to write BOTH an eBook and Paperback version to publish on Amazon!

You learn how to write a book with LibreOffice (a free software!)

After writing 5 books on Amazon, I can help you learn how to release your first book!

Course contains 28 videos!



You will learn how to write a book for Amazon KDP course.

I also include my own person template I use, which has produced an awesome looking paperback (see pictures above!)

You are literally shown step-by-step how to use LibreOffice to write a book for Amazon.  I show you many of the things I stumbled with!

Feel free to use a similar software like Google Docs, or Microsoft Word.

There are also dedicated eBook writing tools like Scrivener that I suggest you check out to make the process even easier!

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