Using an Online Newsletter Effectively (MailChimp)


If you’re like me, you had no idea what you were doing with your email marketing.

And maybe.. you still don’t?

I’ve been using an online newsletter since 2012.

In my beginnings I knew obtaining emails was important, but I never knew why it was important.

And once I was able to start building an email list, I was then stuck with knowing what to do with my subscribers!

In this course I want to break down how you can effectively use an online newsletter to set your business on auto-pilot.

Learn how to set up your forms, group subscribers for targeted marketing, and market to your subscribers what they want from you!

Once you understand this information, you can use your time much wiser.

You can then start creating content which relates to these subscribers and continue to build on your brand's growth and trust.

I'm sure you will be very happy with the content and tricks I share with you in this course.

The biggest thing when it comes to an email list is planning.

If you don't properly plan ahead, it will make your marketing approaches sloppy!

Are you ready to learn my secrets?

Enroll into the course, and let's get into it!

Riley !


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