How to Write a Book for Amazon Kindle


The Ultimate Guide to Write Both an eBook and Paperback for Amazon, All From One Manuscript Inside LibreOffice.

Writing your first book is a huge step.  But.. one that may lead to that passive income success you’re looking for.

Why select this course to learn how to write a book for Amazon?

This book teaches you how to write BOTH an eBook and Paperback.

One file can provide both your eBook and Paperback with my method.

My method will save you a tremendous amount of time.  You write the book once, format it once, and you have both your .pdf (Paperback) and .epub (eBook.)

Additionally, I teach you how to write a book with no money.

After writing 5 books on Amazon, I am a trusted resource to teach on this subject!


Have you heard of open source before?  (Google open source right now.)

Open source is a movement within the software industry which empowers creativity without cost.

The tools I share with you will not cost you a dime.

Tools from the actual software to write your book, to taking screenshots of your computer screen, to actually formatting our eBook to make it look professional on an Amazon Kindle (or phone/tablet!)

With writing 5 books for Amazon, I have learned A LOT!

Here's a couple images of my latest book release! (It turned out great, I'm really impressed with myself!)

So who am I, and what authority do I have to teach on such a subject as writing a book for Amazon?

I'm Riley Weller!  I'm actually a music producer who was worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated recording artist!

I've created over 23 music production courses, written 5 books on Amazon (which you get to see throughout the course, as I reference them for our actual examples), and run a podcast called "Music Production Made Simple".

This is truly a course I wish I had when I first started writing my books!

Over my years of working online, I've realized how big a template is.

A template, no matter what program you work in, evolves with you.  It saves you the tedious tasks, allows your formatting to stay consistent from one book to the next, and saves you SO MUCH TIME because everything is already set up!

I promise you.

You will learn to write an eBook (as well as a Paperback book) which looks professional, and you can confidently take pride in the work that you're selling.

You will NOT have to hire out anyone during your book creation process.

I teach you EVERYTHING you need to know from book structure, to choosing the right font, to styling your book to make formatting EXTREMELY easy, to the front cover creation (and Amazon's guidelines for your eBook and Paperback)!

I am a trusted, reliable source.

My courses have become very high quality with the video and audio gear I've acquired over the years.

I hope I can be your trusted instructor in your Amazon Book Creation.

If you're ready...

Enroll into the course, and let's get started!

Riley !


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