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Tools Used:

  • Canon M6 Mirrorless Camera – This has been a great compact camera for vlogging. Because it does not come with a viewfinder, this allows you to save a decent amount of money while still getting the same camera as the Canon M5.
  • Rode SC2 Coiled Cable – This is a great little cable to keep your vlog set up clean!

Canon M6 Review from an Amateur Vlogger ?

I use this website you are reading as a place to share how my other online businesses are performing.

I previously used the Canon 80D for courses I’d create, or various YouTube videos such as reviews etc. but I eventually found the Canon 80D a little too heavy..

Also, with the Canon 80D, you need to have the right lense for focal length, otherwise you’re stretching your arm out, adding to the heaviness!

With all that said, I went hunting for a more compact camera.

With all these mirrorless cameras coming out, I was really curious about them.

Their compact size seems like they were just meant for vlogging lol, you know!?

In the beginning releases of mirrorless cameras I read some negative reviews like overheating and poor battery life.

But with my experience of the Canon M6, I haven’t experience either of these.

There’s a lot I like about the Canon M6, but from using a more advanced camera – the Canon 80D – this gives me something to compare to.

Let me explain in my review below.

Different Versions of the Canon M6

So here’s my story:

I was working up north rotation work – 2 weeks on, 1 week off.

The job finally came to an end and I was itching to buy this Canon M6.

I opened up the newspaper and sifted through some flyers.

I saw Visions (a local electronics company which usually has special deals going on.) – and guess what, the Canon M6 was on sale in a bundle deal with the electronic viewfinder, and an extra battery!

I think I only paid $20 for the viewfinder!!!! – I was like what!! – This is actually a crazy good deal!

When I compared the price on Amazon, Amazon only had the camera and lens for the same price, yet I was getting the EVF (electronic viewfinder) and an extra battery!

And when I was there, they didn’t have the black version in stock, only the silver.

I thought to myself.. “Why not? Let’s be original and go for the silver – everyone always gets black!”

I’ve actually been really happy with the silver color. It’s been a good change-up, aesthetically speaking.

So that’s my story on how I bought the Canon M6.

Let me tell you what I think of it now.

First Thoughts of the Canon M6

Since I had all my vlogging equipment from my Canon 80D, it was just a matter of switching the camera out for the compact Canon M6 mirrorless camera!

I was impressed – it was way lighter than the Canon 80D, and since the bundle deal I purchased came with the EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM Lens, its focal length made me not have to stretch my arm out, putting unnecessary strain on my shoulder!

I put everything on auto settings just to test the waters of the camera (and obviously put it on 60FPS cause it looks so cool in vlogs!)

It was great!

The autofocus was phenomenal, and it has a microphone port so you can connect an external microphone for high quality audio out of the Canon M6!

(And a really cool bonus tip is to purchase the Rode SC2 – it’s a curly audio cable so you don’t have a huge cable hitting your camera or getting tangled!)

And from there on, you could leave everything as is, and you’re set for a really high quality vlogging set up.

But, here’s what I like and dislike about this Canon M6 over my months of using it.

Likes of the Canon M6 – More in-depth

Here’s everything I can think of that I like about the Canon M6.


I love how small and light this thing is (but not so light it feels breakable.)

I have this on a Joby Gorillapod FOCUS and it’s a great match. (I do recommend you get the ball head to make adjusting your camera WAY easier.)


I like using 60FPS for whatever reason. I think it looks cool when watching the videos back, and with myself doing music production tutorials, it looks a lot cooler when screen recording what’s going on.

(This will be the norm on most cameras from here on out, but I waited on the M6 because the M5’s screen flipped downward, and the M3 didn’t have 60 FPS.)

Fair Price-Point:

Because the Canon M6 does not come with a viewfinder (and in my opinion, if you’re just using it for videos, you don’t need one), you save quite a bit of money!

It’s crazy how much they are charging for the viewfinder itself!

With that said, the Canon M5 vs. Canon M6 is pretty much just the viewfinder and the flip up screen I think..

So if you get the Canon M6, you save because no viewfinder is included. And if you’re using it just for videos like I do, it’s a great way to save money for a feature you don’t need 🙂

Microphone Port:

Cameras are so hard to buy these days.

Some have all the features you need except that one fundamental feature!

The Canon M6 pretty much hit everything bang-on that a vlogger would need..

But as mentioned in my dislikes, it’d be cool to see the volume levels on the screen as you’re actually recording.

This is pretty important to prevent distortion (too loud of volumes), and even to see if you’re recording at all!

(Have you ever recorded a video then go to edit and realize you didn’t record your audio? Ya.. it’s a horrible feeling lol)

That said, the Canon M6 has a microphone port, and I recommend getting the Rode SC2 coiled cable to prevent clutter!

Dislikes of Canon M6 – Quick Overview

I pretty much described my dislikes in the table above, but the main ones are:

Darkish Videos:

No matter what settings, I feel this camera really brings out the blacks and videos are on the darker side.

Even though this camera has the DIGIC 7 processor and allows for quite a high ISO without noticeable grain (ha… I am not a camera nerd and do not know this stuff intense, but hear me out), videos are a bit harder to get a nice shot.

When using the Canon 80D, things have always looked pretty good right off the bat.

Audio Meters Not Visible when Recording:

I have searched through the manual many times and did some Google searches..

I have not been able to find anywhere to make the audio meters appear while recording like the Canon 80D does.

I feel like this is a huge missing feature to be able to monitor your audio levels and see what’s happening!

I’m pretty sure this is just a software/firmware update thing.. The way the Canon 80D is set up, I like a lot more.

Bottom of Flip Screen Impossible to Touch:

When I first got the camera, I turned it on, turned the camera around to point at me, and flipped the screen up.

I was really excited with how fast it focused then I went to go touch some of the buttons on the touch screen and instantly laughed to myself while rolling my eyes.

I thought to myself, “Really? You’d make the flip screen like this so you can’t even touch the bottom buttons?”

You’d think something like that would of been caught when testing in the Canon labs or something… But who am I, just a consumer or something!?! lol

Final Thoughts of the Canon M6

My answer to this review is yes, the Canon M6 is worth the money for the awesome vlogging camera it is.

It has all the features a vlogger would need being so compact, having an external mic port, and flip screen.

This whole time I’ve been comparing the Canon 80D to the Canon M6.

This is kind of an apples to apples comparison.. but the Canon 80D I guess is a bit more of a professional camera series.

Regardless, the things I’ve nit-picked about the Canon M6 could easily be adjusted and be made into the world’s most amazing camera for vloggers.

Conclusion: I recommend the Canon M6.