Let Me First Say Welcome !


My name is Riley Weller, and I really enjoy building #GenuineRelationships.

In my beginnings of building blogs and connecting with people online, I had no idea what I was doing.

But over my years of many mistakes, I’ve started to discover how to reach your audience and allow your blogs to work on auto-pilot.

That’s the amazing power of computers.

If you know what you’re doing, you can use technology to work for you. You just have to do some up-front planning, put the work in, then watch the numbers come in and adjust/tweak things accordingly.

People say they wear a lot of hats, and I don’t want to sound cliché.. but I actually do!

Here are some of the hats that I wear:

  • Professional Music Producer ~ I’ve even worked with a GRAMMY Nominated artist!
  • Journeyman Electrician ~ I became a certified electrician here in Canada on March, 2016! I’ve started up an electrical blog aimed at helping apprentice electrician’s get the most out of the industry!
  • Blogger ~ Blogging is hard because it’s so easy to get discouraged. But as you continue, it gets easier and quite enjoyable! Writing stuff is soothing for me, and it’s also an amazing way to build relationships + passive income.

Music Producer + Recording Artist..

Over my years as a music producer, I’ve worked with a GRAMMY Nominated recording artist!

In addition, I’ve also released some personal albums myself.

(I also release a free beat tape series, too!)

But in regards to blogging, I’ve run a music production website for a long time.

It first started as a website called Beatstruggles.com (currently at 10k YouTube subscribers, and 2.4 million views), which I eventually shut down and merged into my producer name’s website (itsGratuiTous.com)

I also had a cool experience of working with popular music producers in the industry who have produced music for the likes of 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Mobb Deep, and many companies like MTV and Coca-Cola! (This was through an eCommerce store I had which sold premium sound kits.  It was called SoundPackFlyer.com, and I used WooCommerce for the store!)

Journeyman Electrician..

This was such a life experience for me.

Growing up, I was never one who was into trades. Sure, I could use a hammer, pliers, and a drill if you gave me one, but being so involved as a tradesman, it’s built me to have many more skills than just music and blogging.

In March 2016, I officially finished all my schooling and received my red seal as an electrician here in Canada!

However, when going through the apprenticeship process, I found there was a lot of things lacking in terms of mentorship and education.

That’s why I’ve started up my electricial blog, becoming-an-electrician.com, so I can share the things I would of like to of known as I went through my apprenticeship.

Everything from schooling to the hands-on practical stuff!

Besides Work..

On a more personal level, not everything can be about work in life!

I don’t really consider my music work, as it really is a passion, and something I love to practice and create. (It starts to become work once I start putting releases together..)

I also love to skateboard! Whether this is at an actual skateboard park, or just cruising around downtown.  It’s such a fun getaway! However, I have had my share of wipe-outs 🙂

Through my blog, I want this to be a place to educate my viewers on growing their blogs, as well as learning how to set the thing on auto-pilot, too!

So if that seems of interest you, you can sign-up and learn now.