A Different Marketing Approach:

This time around I’ve been marketing my producer brand, GratuiTous, a little bit different.

I started to create free sound banks for popular VST plugins, and this has made quite a big growth from what I’m used to seeing. (I show some numbers below!)

For example, Sylenth1 and Serum are two popular VSTs in the music industry.

Here are two sound banks I’ve released for Serum to give you an idea if you’re not in the industry:

These free sound banks have increased my views, subscriber base, as well as YouTube revenue!

This is because people are actively searching these terms like:

  • “Free Sylenth1 Presets 2017”
  • “Free Presets for Xfer Records Serum”

This either brings them to my YouTube video, which then has a link to my blog to download the sounds, or they find my presets in Google itself!

On days where I release preset packs my newsletter email sign-ups significantly increase as I mention the release to a couple popular blogs which share audio production news!

So even though it’s free work up-front, it has really brought a lot of growth to my brand!

Here’s some numbers to encourage you!

Continuing to Grow – Getting to the Numbers

Since my first update article on itsGratuiTous..

My previous subscribers were around:

Newsletter: 880+ Subscribers

YouTube: 470+ Subscribers

And about a month later, they are now around:

Newsletter: 980+

YouTube: 730+ Subscribers

My newsletter didn’t show huge growth, but steadily increases thanks to the email pop-up I have. I am using Bloom for that service.

YouTube is where some big growth has happened for me! (Because of the free preset packs and my free FL Studio Beginner’s Series.)

My watch time and views significantly increased from the beginning of this year!:


It’s crazy to go back and look at those numbers!

And really, I’m actually trying to learn and practice sound design for myself but thought, “Why not release sound banks to encourage me to keep learning?”.

The FL Studio Beginner’s series has been performing not bad either.. I will update you further in the next update 🙂