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Sending Emails to Beginner FL Studio Students

An approach I have been taking to my itsGratuiTous blog is instead of just releasing random videos or posts, I am wanting to try a new technique which involves creating series.

These series would contain a certain amount of posts, which I pre-plan ahead of time, and then make into an email series of automated campaign drips.

I feel the benefit of this is to renew old content as the series age overtime – yet subscribers to the course will still be getting the very first post I’ve released, rejuvenating it’s life!

Throughout this series how I’m intending to generate income is through affiliate links in the Video Resources section under each video I release.

I’ve also written a lot of My Favorite “Tool”, or the Best “piece of hardware” for FL Studio.

As I go through each post and find that these affiliate pages could be useful (which also have learning value to them), I sprinkle these throughout each write-up.

I will be reporting back on this page with results of this group’s performance!

You can see the landing sign-up page here.