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It’s so Awesome to See Results!

I’ve been at this online business stuff for quite a few years now..

In some areas I’ve been able to generate some income, but not consistently.

So far these blogs are just giving me extra money in terms of paying for my hosting + domains, and some extra tools around the studio for better quality results out of videos + audio.

Anyways, I’ve released this FL Studio Beginner’s Series on September 25, 2017 and I’ve brought in a direct sale through the automation.


Haha, this is nothing to brag about, but awesome to see people are enjoying your content and following the funnels/paths you were hoping that they’d follow!

In terms of sign-ups and click-through rates, they are very high! (Which again shows people are engaged into these emails, and hopefully enjoying my content.)

Currently I have only 6 out of 7 emails published in this FL Studio Beginner’s Series:


With MailChimp, I have enabled the Google Analytics for WooCommerce plugin, so it directly tracks income from each individual campaign, and shows me which is making sales!

(These sales would only be for my own products/courses/ebooks. When it comes to any affiliate links to websites like Amazon, these are trickier to track.)

For my first sale in this series, it came from email #005 – Importing Drum Samples in FL Studio.

I am suggesting my course A Specific Music Production Folder in the video resource section under the video on the blog page pertaining to that email.

Now, what I have also done is try to capture additional sales to this course by sending an email one day after they’ve received #005.

I’ve set up the segment to say, “If a customer has not purchased A Specific Music Production Folder, then send them a sales pitch email.”


It’s going to be really cool to see the results of that email.

Hey, the course is only $5! I’m not trying to be greedy with it, but my time figuring out my folder structure and creating course is valuable!

And as this series progresses, I will be introducing some of my more expensive courses/products.

Course Run Down:

The course is my own personal music production folder structure.

Over my years as a music producer, I’ve struggled to find a solid folder structure which allowed me to be organized and prevent missing files.

After about 4-5 years of back and forth of moving folders around, I think I finally nailed a folder structed that suites me fully as a music producer.

And that’s when I created this course on my personal music production folder.

Anyways, that’s all for this update/case study.

This was my first real case-study update on itsGratuiTous.. I’m not sure of how I’ll structure these out.

But hopefully you enjoyed and gained some insight to what’s going on! – I’m excited to see future results! 😉

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