Creating an Online Course
Creating an online course contains over 35 videos covering everything from preparing to create a course, to recording yourself, to what gear you need, to editing that video, and how to actually release and bring sales in for your course!

Hey !

So, I’ve finally put together my first course for my own personal blog.

The topic is on creating an online course!

For visiting my blog, here’s a link which applies a coupon automatically!

There is so much content in this course, it’s crazy!

With over 35 videos covering everything from:

  • How to prepare to create a course
  • Recording yourself with high-quality video and audio (since I’m a music producer, you get some extra tips with the audio!)
  • How to edit your videos and get them looking professional
  • Creating your course artwork
  • Setting up a professional slideshow
  • How to promote and market your course!

If you end up taking the course, I hope the best with your online course endeavors.

Riley !