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The Music Production Computer is ALIVE!!

The idea for a new computer came on pretty quick, but once I got the idea, I took my time on picking the right parts.

I released a two-part video as well as a blog write-up going over why I bought each part. I then show you how to install them inside your computer!

This was my first-ever build, and it went really smooth actually! (Besides touching the thermal compound on the heat sink.. I tried to hide it in the video. I was so mad at myself.. 😂😂😂😂)

Check out the article on if you’d like!

(You can find all the computer parts and description of each on that write-up.)

Missing Elegant Themes When I’m Not Using It!

As I was saying, was getting a bit neglected with all the things going on in my life right now.

(Dealing with a lot of phone calls with this accepted home offer, starting up this blog, as well as working on my electrician blog! – Not to mention, just building that new music production computer!)

Since doesn’t use Elegant Themes, it’s just a stock WordPress site – actually, I built a custom theme for it based off of a Twitter Bootstrap theme! (That was a good learning experience lol)

A few things I accomplished on the site were:

  • Installing the Bloom plugin which increased sign-ups like instantly!
  • Installed the Monarch Social Sharing plugin – it works beautifully. It really is just plug-and-play. And.. not to make a pun here, but I think Monarch just works.. elegantly 🙂
  • Made sure was backed up with BackWPup – I was super impressed with the plugin once I first started using it on this blog. (I then started using it on all my blogs because of its connectivity to Dropbox!)

Organization Sets the Speed of Content Releases

Trust me, from running multiple blogs, releasing videos, tutorials, and music releases, the organization is my key for creating content fast.

If the content is not coming fast from me, its either because I’m in a learning/reading stage of my life, or because I’m not organized and first have to fix that. Once organized, content continues to flow out very fast.

Even if you’re going to release a simple video on YouTube, I find my videos that perform better are ones that I took the time to do a little bit of SEO research (with SEMRush for example), and making a quick point form list of the things I want to cover.

It allows for quicker video editing with a lot fewer uhmms and mistakes.

With that said, I have to reorganize my Dropbox folders, as well as set up my new music production build by installing all my VSTs and other programs related to that. I also want to get my other computer, which I used to use for music production, ready for web development purposes, such as writing these blogs + other web design tasks.

Hopefully, that gives you a bit of insight to see how important organization is on my end to be releasing content like I do.

(Sending out emails, write-ups, videos, ordering products online + research for that new computer build, and still having time to be practicing piano etc.)

You may ask, where does real life come into play?

It’s still there, I make time for it! But I just know as I am starting up, you have to put the time in.

Once things start growing, things tend to get a bit easier as you have money to work for you in a lot of areas where you’ve tried to cheap out. (Also, people start to get to know you, and they them self can be a form of advertising and help your business grow, too!)

It’s kinda like that Alanis Morissette song, Ironic. You should read those lyrics! They’re actually pretty funny how they relate so well.

Where to Now?

Well, if this accepted offer goes through, it will be more phone calls, shopping for home items (plates, cutlery, condiments lol), and packing to actually move into the place. Hopefully, the home inspection goes well!

And for future tasks, I want to start updating some old blog posts now that FL Studio 12 is out.

So many things to do, and so little time 😉

See you in the next one!