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The Motherboard is Here!

So, I finally got my final piece to my computer building puzzle – my motherboard !

As you can see in the video, I’ve set up a whole table where I’ll be installing and going over each computer piece, as well as why I bought it specifically for music production.

Again, this super helpful page by Image-Line explains that we as music producers need a processor with a fast single core speed.  That’s why I chose the Intel I7-7700K.

It was their top-of-the-line choice. I usually don’t buy the best of the best, but I do tons of work on the computer, and I’m hoping this computer will last me the next 5 years or so.

Also, FL Studio doesn’t really use a video card much. If anything, it’d be third-party VSTs taking advantage of the GPU (video card) to help offset some of the load.

The reason I got a decent video card is that MAGIX Vegas Pro 14 uses something called OpenCL which AMD Radeon cards (the graphics card I bought) excel at very well from my online reading!

It will just help offload some of the effects as well as help with render time, from what I’ve read.

I put a lot of research into this build, so I educated myself quite well in terms of what products to buy.

Also, as I was buying, I realized where I could spend a little extra money for better performance/quietness, and where I could save money by not getting the best simply because I didn’t need it, or don’t take advantage of it.

For example – I only bought 16GB of RAM, rather than the new standard of 32GB.

Be wise with your money. Even if you could buy the best.. do you really need it?

That’s why I researched and bought what I needed.

Hopefully, this music production computer will perform super well, and produce super high-quality tutorials, courses, and music!

Also, you’ll be noticing a new beat I’ve been playing in the background for my vlogs and current videos.

It’s called Change Gon’ Come, and hopefully it will be on my newest beat tape release (which will be FREE BEATS By GratuiTous Vol. 7!)