Affiliate Disclaimer

Please note, some links contain affiliate links.  All this means is that I may receive a commission of the sale if you click on a link and purchase.  These are all my own opinions - money will not sway me!

Resource Page is Now Complete.  Kinda..

A resource page is typically an affiliate marketer’s bread-and-butter page.

Visit my resource page !

It’s pretty much a helpful go-to page for the viewers of a blog where the blogger of that site loads in a bunch of helpful tools, and slips in a bunch of affiliate links while they’re at it!

It should be one of the pages which bring you the majority of income through your blog!

Keep in mind, it is always an ongoing work in-progress, as you update the page as new tools you use pop up, or maybe you feel it’s not performing well so you tweak things a little bit and test.

Anyways, my resource page is complete, and will hopefully start generating this blog income!

Setting Up a Potential Subscriber’s Funnel Flow

If someone is actually interested in your blog and loves your content, they will probably sign up to your newsletter with their email.

But when they sign-up, they are taken through a process of pages + emails.. depending on how you’ve set this all up on your blog and email service.

As they are taken through this process, you can be very creative here!

When subscribers first enter their email to sign-up, I’ve set this up so that they go to a page called Almost Done.

This is a page which says, “Thanks for entering your email, but there’s just one final step!”.

Because sending emails goes hand-in-hand with spam so well, companies over the year, as well as governments, have implemented laws regarding spam. This means subscribers must double-optin to your list.

Just because they sign-up through your email opt-in doesn’t mean they’re now on your list. They have to go to their email and click the confirmation link within the confirmation email.

This is what I explain in that Almost Done page in a quick way! (Check the image of my almost-done page below. This could change later-on.. but this is it for now. Quick and simple 🙂 )

There are a few things I want to note in this image:

First, the wording is quick, exciting, and to the point!

Second, I explain that they are not quite signed up yet, but they’re really close!

Third, I explain step-by-step how they can 100% become an email subscriber.

And fourth, I also mention if they haven’t received the email to check their spam. (A common issue that can happen to someone sending emails – their emails end up in a subscribers spam folder!)

OptinMonster, the Pinnacle of Lead Generation Popups

If you are interested in OptinMonster, it is definitely the best software in regards to capturing emails with pop-ups, click to triggers, exit-intent, and full-screen overlays (also called a Welcome Gate).

Things do change in the industry, but for the time being, this is the service to choose if you’re wanting to take full advantage of all these different features for capturing potential subscribers to your email list.

The reason why Bloom isn’t allowed to do exit-intent is because of patent-protection. (A bit of a long story, but it sounds like there was a lawsuit which eventually settled to a workaround, allowing OptinMonster to keep exit-intent; when a viewer moves their mouse to a new tab/off the page.)

More Branding ASsets + YouTube End Screen

I talked about this in #005’s write-up. Not the vlog, but the actual write-up.

YouTube keeps changing how they implement their end screen, in addition, you can’t monetize your videos or add links to your website without 10,000 views to your channel now!

Cloaking Links for Sly Affiliate Marketing + Trust.

In my opinion, when you cloak a link for your affiliate links, I feel this is a way to build trust, avoid a spammy look, but also be sly at the same time.

On this blog, I am using ThirstyAffiliates to cloak my links.

The average person has no idea that I could be making commissions through various affiliate programs, and if I cloak my links, it even covers that up further.

In addition, this is why many affiliate programs strongly recommend you state you are using affiliate links in a write-up – which is what I do at the top of any post I use affiliate links!

So a quick rundown of what link cloaking is:

It’s when you use a redirect from your domain to another link.

So for example:

I’ve been recommending Elegant Themes quite a lot lately because I really like their visual builder, as well as the tools + platform they provide. I’ve used WordPress for quite awhile, but this is just so refreshing to use!

Elegant Themes gives me a link like this to use:

But.. it looks spammy! Who would trust that link? It looks like I’d be trying to give someone a virus or something!

Now, if I were to cloak this link, it’s an aesthetic which performs the same task but looks better!

My cloaked link to Elegant Themes would be:

And again, I’ve let my audience know I am using affiliate links by creating a quick notice/disclaimer at the top of the page.

Consistency is Key They Say..

Most people like a schedule.

If you’re all over the place in how you post stuff, release your videos, or stream online, you’ll never get a consistent audience!

This is because people have jobs, extra curricular activities, or just simply have a routine.

If you set a schedule for yourself you create a pattern.

This is something I myself have to implement much better in regards to my music production, music tutorials, music courses, and even streaming schedule if I get more involved with that.

Hopefully when I move into my first home purchase, I will be able to settle down and start being consistent by setting some schedules which makes it easier for people to follow and keep up.

And anyway, that’s it for this vlog! 🙂