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The Process of Buying a New Computer

I understand technology better than the average person.. but not to a crazy level.

Especially if you don’t keep up to date on current trends etc, you can so easily fall behind!

Like for example, SSD’s now come in a M.2 form factor, which some people call Bubble Gum Stick SSD’s.  They can also come in SATA, or NVMe versions!

NVMe is what you want – it’s the newest technology for the fastest speeds!  This opens up the doors for crazy speeds!

In addition, AMD has lately released a new series of CPU’s called Ryzen.  These are supposed to now compete with Intel CPUs because of huge bang for buck, as well as offering way more cores!

I’m currently still indecisive of what I want to go with, but when it happens, you bet I’ll be talking about it in a later vlog 😉

Taking Jake Swimming

I feel it’s so important to have little getaway spots.

Whether that be by yourself, with your animal, or even going to see a couple friends.

I have a couple spots which I tend to visit, depending on time/how I’m feeling.

Today, I took my dog swimming!  But sometimes I’d go to a skatepark, or just cruise around downtown/a park where I live on my skateboard.

Here’s some pics I took of my homie, Jake 😂

Note, I took these pictures with the Canon M6 !

























Signing Off

Haha, by no means am I a professional photographer, and I’m sure I didn’t do the Canon M6 justice.  (It’s been an awesome vlogging camera so far!)

With so many things on the go, time management is super crucial.

My new computer will soon be ordered, and I’ll be able to focus on music production, these vlogs + research, and blogging! 🙂