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Balancing Time + Work..

I’ve only got a month vacation right now, and I have so much I want to accomplish!

So far, things have been going really good though.  I’ve been taking my time in some areas, as I do need rest from working such long hours and consistent days.

Meeting with my realtor and talking over the phone with my mortgage broker went really good.  I was able to get an idea of how much of a home I can afford (and what I want to buy), as well as started the process of being educated regarding buying a home.

Something I say a lot is “the hardest part of life is knowing what you want”, and funny thing is, my realtor pretty much told me that same thing!:

We have to figure out what your wants and needs are.  If money was unlimited, there’d be no need for that, but since I’m on a budget, I have some figuring out to do!

Tools talked About


Typorama is the app I use to create my custom thumbnails.

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon it, and I usually NEVER buy apps.  I try to milk the free version for as long as I can. 😂😂

I remember I tried a couple of similar apps, and Typorama is the app I chose.  I guess I felt it was the easiest and produced the highest quality results?  (It was about $10!)

I do feel the app has some restrictions, like not being able to write two different text layers..

Sometimes this is really cool for different effects, as you can write different words with different font styles.

A work around is to export the image with all its adjustments/filters and first text layer, then load it back up, and add the new text layer to the image, which you then save again to export to the world!

Elegant Themes:

I’m still super new to the Elegant Themes world.

I never knew visual builders existed!  – They’re absolutely amazing!  You can see exactly how your site looks on the front-end as you type your content!

As I continue to use Elegant Themes and research certain questions, I’ve started to notice how popular the platform is while visiting different blogs!

Ahrefs + SEMRush:

I’ve only read about and used the free versions of these tools so far.

In short, tools like SEMRush allow us to study competitors in an industry and see popular keywords which you may feel you have potential to rank first in Google for!

I will probably try both to see what I like most, and hopefully, they give me the insights I need to get to the top of Google! 😉

Music and Priorities

I finally put some time into music today by playing the piano for a bit.

Pretty funny, even when I was in Whitehorse, I bought a cheap keyboard off of Amazon so that I could keep practicing.  I feel like I’ve improved in this past year because I’ve kept the practice up!

Anyways, hope these vlogs have been helpful to you.