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So it all Begins..

Alright! – I’m starting a personal blog in regards to how I run my online businesses.

Over the past year, I’ve worked so hard being an electrician, that I’ve been pulled away from the online world, and that only made me hungrier for success in the industries I’m in.

(I was working 10 hour days of 14 day rotations, but near the end of the job it got to be 21 days straight.  For time off, I did have 7 days off, which were an awesome little vacation, but there was so much to get caught up on after being away so long.)

I’m so grateful I put the time in to learn about online blogging in my early 20’s, as now that I have time on hand, I can put that knowledge to use.

At the moment, I’m so behind in my music!  So I’m wanting release my next beat tape soon!  You will see behind the scenes footage and what all goes into getting a beat tape ready publicly.

I’m also working on a blog for electricians.  I’m trying to make it more of a book-like blog, while at the same time creating many affiliate articles featuring “the best .. (fill in tool here)” to hopefully capture some affiliate income through the site!

Products I Talked About

To keep my businesses up to date, maintain a high-quality look, and also speed up my workflow, I’ll be purchasing a couple big buys here soon!

I’m looking to purchase a new desktop computer to make music creation and video editing a breeze.

I’ve also had my eye on a new vlogging camera which was lighter, smaller, and more portable, which I just picked up today – the Canon M6 Mirrorless Camera.


It’s much lighter, smaller, and portable!  Also, the lens it came with makes it much easier for vlogging as it’s not so zoomed in like the lenses I had for the Canon 80D.

Also, here is my current tool bag I shared in the video – VETO PRO PAC – LC Tool Bag

Wrapping Up..

Alright!  So that’s my first vlog and write-up!

I hope my knowledge and experiences will be of tons of use to you.

This is vlog #001, and hopefully many more to come.